This is a collection of art I've made traditionally for a Studio Art I class.

uncanny valley:

Visual form of my paralyzing anxieties - an attempt at capturing that all-too-familiar feeling of pacing your room in frustration. Relating to my series of Uncanny Valley: Slowly Losing Yourself, I tackle the daunting theme of self-image and external pressures in relation to identity. Watercolor and ink bleed like a person's facade, acrylic paint is battered to remind me to breathe, and neon colors and collages act represent those "external forces" - in this case societal standards - I try to absorb. Lack of balance and overall visual dissonance parallel the frustration and conflict I felt while creating this piece. The phrases "No Shakespeare" and "No Jose Rizal" graffiti the piece rhythmically, covering the clown-like imagery. Drawings of ears, eyes, and lungs - the trio of anxiety sensory overloads - are subtle but very detailed. Struggle with the watercolor medium was an important part of the process and I think it was an integral part of the end result.

what is america:
ride the wave of reclamation

Over the past four years, my relationship with America has changed from a smooth sailing wave to a tsunami-like one. I chose to use the Great Wave motif for two reasons. One, I wanted to use the wave metaphor because my relationship with America has been very up and down: fluctuating between appreciating the freedom and opportunity while at the same time being reminded of the injustice around me.


The deliberate choice behind using imagery from the Great Wave of Kanagawa has two interpretations that are equally important to me. One being that taking Japanese art for a piece about America represents American history of colonization and appropriation. However, taking imagery and giving it a new meaning represents the empowerment that comes with reclaiming something that was used to oppress you.


America means flawed and impossible standards: whether it be institutionalized racism, dangerous beauty standards, or the growing chasm that is the wealth gap. However, America is also recognizing this and working to change this for the good of all people.


I tried to incorporate by making a wave out of headlines, but like most waves, they can be ridden. We can be the change we want to see in the world. The use of collage and surreal images show the ridiculousness of standards and the text shown throughout the canvas represents the realism that ultimately has to ground our idealism. The color scheme of red, white, and blue mimic the American flag while also bringing vibrancy and attention to the important parts of the piece.

forgotten: missing

Derivative of vintage "Missing" milk ads, I apply the same concept but replacing the subject with me. Intentionally ambiguous to lead the viewer to the question of "Are they dead? Are they missing? Is it a metaphor or literal?", I allow them to enter the same head space I'm in right now. Muted primary colors and simplistic composition make the overall piece reminiscent of nursery room aesthetics.

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