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By Bane Ignacio-Singian



Bane Ignacio-Singian is an 18-year-old, Filipino-American creator from Seattle; they use singular they/them/theirs pronouns. Their creations include zines, films, comics, photography, and writing. This website is the creative hub that intersects all their projects while shining a light on other artists in their life. 

Bane wants to work in film with an emphasis on screenwriting, cinematography, and video editing. They're currently working on a Capstone project that encompasses both film studies and film production, resulting in a 14-page research paper and a 20-minute short film. Bane is going to Cornish College of the Arts with an emphasis on film.

Bane has volunteered at the Seattle International Film Festival and has interned for the art department at Julep Beauty in 2018. They have done videography projects for St. George Parish School and the Seattle Asian Sports Club.

Onto other news, Bane can be found buying $10 disposable cameras, skateboarding, or alone at your local indie theater's matinee.

Contact them at banesingian@gmail.com for inquires. 



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